William Marler
Animation & Design

BRIT Awards 2016 - Opening Sequence

BRIT Awards 2016 - Opening Sequence

Brit Awards 2016 - Opening SEquence

I was involved in the experimenting, filming, animating, and editing of visuals supporting a dance sequence by choreographer Wayne McGregor to open the BRIT Awards 2016.

Choreography and Direction - Wayne McGregor
Screen Content Direction and Creation - Ravi Deepres in collaboration with Steven Spencer and Luke Unsworth
Music - Stuart Price
Costumes - Gareth Pugh
Set Design - Es Devlin
3D Scanning - Apr Services, Tom Avery
Ant and Dec Filming - DOP - Martin Testar, Lighting - Paul Burns

Screen Content Assistants - Alicia Clarke, Me, Mark Wright, Ed Tritton, Kelvin Wong, Alice Pace