William Marler
Animation & Design

Regis Media

Regis Media


Regis Media is a marketing agency designed to help evidence-based financial advisers attract, retain, and educate clients through video production and social media management. Animation and Motion Graphics have proven to be extremely useful in engaging younger investors and teaching them basic principles and can also help an adviser's brand stand out from the rest.

Regis Media have a very strong purpose, and as well as producing work for their clients, I also created promotional materials to promote that purpose and the services they offer alongside testimonials to demonstrate the impact they've already had on advisory firms worldwide.

Also see the work I created for Regis Media's sister company Ember Television.

Timonier, Wealth Beyond Financial

One of Regis Media's clients is Timonier, a financial planning firm based in North/South Carolina, USA. CEO Tim Baker's personal view of wealth and finance was so interesting and enlightening that we felt an animated video accompanying this was only fitting.

I storyboarded, illustrated and animated the animation alongside producer Sam Willet.